Hand-picked. Master craftsmen. Wonderful experience.

The rarity and splendour of coloured diamonds has made them coveted possessions and one of nature's best kept secrets. We are proud to introduce an extraordinary collection from the Southern tip of Africa.

Vibrant, unique and beautiful, Cape Star Diamonds sparkle with a brilliance that mirrors the radiance of the African continent. This deep alluring hue is brought to life by the presence of Nitrogen atoms formed deep within the crystal.

Cape Star has its origins in South Africa's Northern Cape Province, where in the late 1800s a large yellow diamond vein was found. The diamonds discovered there were predominantly light yellow in colour, and quickly became known as Cape Diamonds. These Cape Diamonds come in an extensive range of diamond colour grades that show a distinct yellow and silver tint.

A Wealth of Experience.

Cape Star Diamonds is  a family run and owned business. Our strong values of integrity, loyalty, trust and responsibility are carried through all of our business activities.

With over 25 years’ experience in the diamond industry we make every effort possible to ensure we understand the needs of our clients and bring an in-depth understanding of the unique aspects of our trade – ensuring service excellence at all times.

Cape Star prides itself on superior customer service.